Tool Measuring Machine

TMM stands for Tool Measuring Machine. It's based on a NON-CONTACT measuring concept and feature based solid model comparison.

The TMM system is built on granite massive table with a granite column and a granite lift to carry the laser cameras.Four heavy duty anti vibration legs support all the machine.High air pressure is maintained inside the machine to keep the enclosure clean of dust and impurities.

TMM is fully automatic being able to handle small batches of 50 cutting tools like "end mills" per palette. The palette is automatically loaded at the beginning of the cycle and unloaded at the end of the measurement cycle. The number of palettes used is unlimited. The machine was built to be operate unattended for long periods of time.

The patent pending HPCL™ - High Precision Chuck rotates and the two laser cameras are measuring on each section and on top of the tool enough points to ensure the rebuilding of the sections and the upper tool. The overall accuracy of the system is ±7µm, with the exception of diameters which are measured ±3µm. The measuring camera has an absolute accuracy and repeatability of 3µm.

TMM has the ability to select the specific set of parameters to be measured for a given batch of tools. The selection and/or modification, of parameters, if needed, is a user friendly one time procedure for each batch inspected.

TMM has the ability to visually display the cutting edge.

The following basic tool parameters are measured or/and computed by the TMM system. Any other request of measurement can be added and implemented by our engineering team very fast.

  1. Tool Cutting Diameter ±3µm
  2. Core Diameter
  3. Tool Conicity
  4. Shank Diameter ±3µm
  5. Radial Runout
  6. Helix Angle
  7. Radial Clearance Angle
  8. Radial Relief Angle
  9. Radial Rake Angle
  10. Axial Relief Angle
  11. Axial Rake Angle
  12. Radial Land Width
  13. Axial Land Width
  14. Corner Radius or Corner Angle
  15. Bottom End Gash Angle
  16. Bottom End Gash Radius
  17. Center Web Thickness
  18. Maximum Core Diameter
  19. Minimum Core Diameter
  20. Flute Length

TMM ensures easy loading and measuring of tools with diameters between 0.8mm to 32mm. The tools are hold directly on the shank without any holder or collet interface.

When the tool is rotated and several sections are taken, the measuring time per section does not exceed 6 seconds for tools less than 30mm diameter.

The measuring concept is based on a comparison with the theoretical model.

TMM accepts the manufacturing G-code as input for comparison and can feed back the new tolerances - "offsets" to the manufacturing controller. (see ConfideNCe!)

TMM uses a PC under Windows 95/98/NT/2000. A simple, self calibration procedure is available.

The set-up time for batches is extremely short.

All the measuring process is designed with powerful self diagnostic software and hardware to detect any change in the measuring conditions.

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