CNC simulator.
Version 3.11 for Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP

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Why ConfideNCe ?

Because if anything can go wrong, it will. And we are there to make safer prove-outs and insure nothing breaks.

We are giving you ConfideNCe, not hope.

ConfideNCe inspects the whole part in detail and the way it is manufactured before is actually placed on the machine-tool table.

ConfideNCe simulation software makes the machining of parts a fully predictable and confident process.

ConfideNCe provides the most innovative and productive verification tools in the market and the most efficient mechanism to optimize the manufacturing process. By reducing scrap, reducing inspection of first run parts, freeing production machines for production work and not using them for prove-out, makes economies of more than $200,000 for 200 parts per year.

ConfideNCe depicts the real world part with the accuracy and completeness of a solid model. The graphical representations as solid, shaded solid and wire frame, interchange naturally to allow the discovery of the most hidden details.

ConfideNCe displays the raw stock from which the part is to be cut, the clamps and fixtures for locating and holding the part.

ConfideNCe allows to step on each individual block, zoom in on specific details, rotate for maximum viewing advantage, section, measure, and comparison with the theoretical part in order to make sure that the part will be cut correctly.

ConfideNCe shows the actual machining process, and how the material is removed from the initial rough part or raw stock. Usually fairly fast.
ConfideNCe identifies automatically rapid cuts into material, part gouging, or remaining stock.

ConfideNCe generates drawings that represent real part sections, views, hole and pocket schemes with automatic dimensions.

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