Coin Inspection and Measuring Machine

The CIMM (originally developed for the ECU) is an automated system that measures the required dimensions of coins, at a rate of 1 per second and sorts them into two categories, according to the result of the measurement. Clear display of the measured dimensions, in digital and graphical form, are generated under Windows 95/98/NT Operating Systems.

CIMM uses the most suitable non-contact measuring technologies, as well as the best available components.

Coin Dimensions

The CIMM handles coins of all types and materials, including bi-metal and aluminum, with outer diameters of  10 to 40 mm, inner diameters of  4 to 30 mm, and rim height of s 1 to 3 mm.

System Accuracy

Feature Measurement Accuracy Number of Measurements
Outside Diameter ±3µ Each 18°
Inside Diameter ±3µ Each 18°
Concentricity ±3µ Each 18°
Ovality ±3µ Each 18°
Rim Height ±3µ Each 18°


An add-on option of weighing coins, with a scale range of  0 to 40 grams and an accuracy of  0,01 gram, is available upon request. Reports and display changes are also available upon request.

Feed Rate

The CIMM system is designed to work at a feed rate of 1 coin/second


Two laser optics devices are used to perform measurements.


The system is based on a PC controller, for which the communications between the handling system and measurement area is kept to a minimum.

Fault Handling

The handling system immediately comes to a halt in the event of a problem with feeding or sorting the coins, ensuring no damage to coin. It will notify the measurement system of the problem type so the operator can be alerted and give instructions on solving the problem.


The  Coin Inspection and Measuring Machine  is driven by the CIMM software, which runs on a PC under Windows 95/98/NT/2000.
The user can choose to measure a specific coin. If the coin to be measured is not in the database, the user can input the data relative to the new coin, by filling in the requested parameters into the database table.

The results of the measured batch are contained in two tables:

  1. Statistical results of the whole batch.
  2. Measured dimensions for each coin.

Graphical histograms are also shown along with the above tables.

The measurements and the statistical results refer to the following parameters:

The system has the ability to allow the operator's choice of statistics and calculations, as per particular customer requirements.

The generated reports are easily printed or transferred to Microsoft Excel.


The system is capable of operating up to 20 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year, with better than 95% up-time.


The system can either operate from 220V AC, 50Hz or 110V AC, 60Hz power.


The system requires a minimum of 6 atm.


The system is supplied with documentation including: