High Speed Inspection of Blades

BMM - Blade Measuring Machine - uses non-contact measuring optical means to quickly check blade airfoils, manufactured or forged, with a high overall accuracy and repeatability.

BMM will contribute to higher quality, lower cost products, greater productivity and reduced time-to-market.

IISR 's open software and hardware architecture makes BMM easier and cheaper to upgrade.

BMM Blade Heigh Blade Width Minimum
   mm mm microns microns
S-BMM 100 50 ±2.5 ±1
M-BMM 30 150 ±3 ±2
L-BMM 1000 500 ±5 ±3
H-BMM 1500 700 ±6 ±5
* 20°C, different sensors can be used.

The BMM measures, from 1000 to 100,000 points per second on each height section of the blade and compares it with the theoretical section. The BMM can be automatically or manually operated.

The software shows the sections with the principal characteristics, computes all the necessary parameters and the differences between the theoretical and the actual sections. A best fit feature is also available.

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